Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Nollywood actor Okon dedicates his second child

The actor shared beautiful photo shoot of him and his family in honour of his daughter's church dedication. Ime Bishop a.k.a Okon and wife Idara welcomed their second daughter on 16th November 2017. The couple loved up together with their daughters in a lovely photo-shoot.

He shared a photo of the baby and wrote;
“God has seen through the successful addition to #okonrepublic a baby girl. Proud to Father this cutie?? #Juanita now has a tag teammate for giving me “sweet trouble”. Thank you to my lovely wife @idarabishop Love u boo. I’m happy. I’m very happy. I’m very, very happy? #happyfather #okonlagos #okonrepublic #iyammi #okonrepublic”

By Mercy Kukah

Fatima & Jamil Vs Damilola & Oluseun

The much talked about wedding ceremonies of Fatima Dangote the Daughter of Aliko Dangote and Damilola Osinbajo the Daughter of Nigeria’s vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo which was held over the weekend were ceremonies lots of people will not forget in a hurry. As expected, both ceremonies were beautiful as both brides looked beautiful especially with their glamorous looks and heartwarming smiles.

Fatima Dangote and Jamil Abubakar

Fatima Dangote got married to the love of her life MD Jamil Abubakar. The wedding Fatiha was held on the March 16th 2018 at the Emirs palace in Kano, followed by a glamorous dinner at ICC in Abuja. As expected Fatima came out literally looking like a million bucks especially with her beautiful dress styled by Deola Sagoe and her stunning face beat by BM PRO; it was not difficult to know who the bride is among other gorgeous friends and family members who came through to celebrate with the couple. The groom was not left out too as he looked dope in his Agbada . Tozali Magazine is saying a mighty Congratulations to the billionaire’s Daughter and her man. Let the pictures do the talking…..

Damilola Osinbajo and Oluseun Bakare

A lot of people anticipated that the vice Presidents Daughter’s wedding will be classy and flashy following the previous weddings of the high and mighty. But the Vice President’s Daughter Damilola Osinbajo came out on her happy day looking simple, elegant and classy in her wedding dress which was designed by Deola Sagoe. The Church wedding took place at the National Christian Center in Abuja followed by a quiet and simple reception at the Presidential Villa. The two ceremonies were on low-key as the Vice President insisted that he did not want an elaborate wedding for his Daughter given the grieving mood of the nation. To crown it all; the wedding cake was baked and designed by the mother of the Bride; wife of the Vice President Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo. You would say amazing right….? But I would say a priceless gift from a mother to her daughter on her special day. The cake board was trimmed with crochet and the design was simple and all white…… below are pictures of Damiloa’s wedding enjoy!!!


By Maimuna Bagudu

Monday, 19 March 2018

Halima and Baba Bello

The private dinner party of Halima and Baba Bello is one in a million as the couples went low-key with families and friends at the celebration of their wedding. The Bride looked all so simple, classy and pretty while the Groom also looked handsome in his appearance too. Pictures speak more, so enjoy…..

By Maimuna Bagudu

Crash diets can pose a threat to heart health

A crash diet is a weight-loss diet undertaken on an urgent, short-term basis with the aim of achieving very rapid results. Crash diet helps you lose tons of weight in no time. But new research has found out that crash diet can be very harmful to the heart while the National Institute of Health (NIH) warn that crash diet could be dangerous as a crash diet deprives the body of the essential nutrients it need to function properly.
Other adverse health effects that scientists have warned about crash diets include slowing down of metabolism, weakening of the immune system, and the increasing chances of dehydration and arrhythmia.
Dr. Rayner explains that crash diets have a very low-calorie content of 600 to 800 calories per day and can be effective for losing weight, reducing blood pressure and reversing diabetes.
A Research conducted by Dr. Rayner and her colleagues shows that after just a week, body fat levels decreases. Specifically; the amount of total body fat fell by an average of 6 percentage points while  visceral fat; the fat around our internal organs, fell by 11 percent and liver fat decreased by 42 percent.
Even though crash diet revealed some important health benefits after just 1 week: better insulin resistance and healthier levels of total cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. But heart fat levels rose by 44 percent. And this change correlates with dysfunctions in the heart's ability to pump blood.
Crash dieting causes sudden drop in calories and this sudden drops causes fat to be released from different parts of the body into the blood and be taken up by the heart muscle.

The heart muscle prefers to choose between fat or sugar as fuel and being swamped by fat worsens its function. After the acute period in which the body is adjusting to dramatic calorie restriction, the fat content and function of the heart improved.
As a consequence, Dr. Rayner warns about the extra caution that those with a heart condition need to take before starting a crash diet. She advise that those with heart problems should check with their doctor before embarking on a very low-calorie diet or fast. People with a cardiac issues could well experience more symptoms at an early point in time; and therefore advised that the diet should be supervised.
She also adds that very low-calorie diets need not be avoided altogether, as they do not have any benefits. Healthy people may not notice the change in heart function in the early stages," she says. "But caution is needed in people with heart diseases.
Consult your doctor before going on a crash diet.

By Mercy Kukah

Ways to sneak a mini workout into your everyday routine.

No time to exercise? Read on………..
Many people complain of not having enough time to do some work out at home due to their busy schedule. So, if time is what stands between you and working out regularly, you will be surprised to find out that many of your daily activities can actually count as exercise. With just a slight tweak, you will be well on your way to burning calories without losing too much time.
Here are seven daily habits that can help you burn calories without even realizing it.
Walking to your destination: Many people will prefer to take a bike for a 1km distance. Instead of taking a bike, why not walk to your destination. And if the weather is not ideal for walking, you can always do it in the evenings; like on your way back from work when it is breezy and you are not pressed for time. Walking helps you to burn about 40 calories.
Taking the stairs: Don’t always use the elevator, instead go for the stairs. The effects your body gets from stair climbing will work your quads, glutes, calves and hamstrings. According to Harvard Medical School, climbing stairs will help you burn calories two to three times faster than brisk walking on flat surfaces. This applies to even if you are climbing at a slow pace.
Cleaning: You will be killing two birds with one stone by cleaning your house. Turn the much-dreaded chore into a good workout by putting on some fast-paced music. Try to engage your different groups of muscles while doing things like mopping and scrubbing and you will notice your arms getting more toned over time.
Join the kids at the playground: Instead of watching over your children at playtime, why not join them in their fun and games? Playing games like catch with your little ones will bring you lots of joy and seriously burn some calories while you are at it.
Grocery shopping: Grocery shopping helps you to burn calories. Pushing your heavy shopping cart up and down through narrow aisles and weaving it in and out of the crowds are no easy feats. Carrying a basket to shop will burn even more calories and it’s a bonus when you walk home with your groceries.
Bike Riding: If it is too far to walk, opt for a bike instead. It is a fun and low-impact form of exercise suitable for many.
Cooking: Spending hours in the kitchen and whipping up a meal will definitely help you sweat it out. Increase the pace by putting on some upbeat music and you can burn more than 80 calories in an hour. Imagine the number of calories you will burn if you are the one who cooks every day.
Give this a try and thank me later.

By Mercy Kukah

Friday, 16 March 2018

Alhaji Mahmood Halilu Ahmed Conferred with a Doctorate Degree at Crescent University's 9th Convocation

Alhaji Mahmood Halilu Ahmed was conferred with a well deserved Doctor of Science (D.Sc Honouris Causa) in Business Administration by Cresent University Abeokuta on the occasion of its 9th Convocation Ceremony. Dr Mahmood Halilu has worked in different capacities in various business where he has injected the knowledge he acquired both within and outside Nigeria. A seasoned politician; Dr Mahmood Halilu Ahmed is the Chairman Board Of Directors, Hinterland Group (Financiers, Real Estate Investment, Hospitality, Forex Trading and Corporate Support Services) as well as Bedmod Farms Nigeria Limited.

In his acceptance speech, Dr Mahmood who is the brother to H.E Aisha Muhammadu Buhari (Wife of the President) after being decorated by the proprietor of the university, Prince Bola Ajibola, assisted by the vice chancellor, Professor Ibraheem Gbajabiamila, pledged his endowment and financial support for the university as well as in order areas needed while expressing his appreciation to Judge Ajibola for founding "a unique institution laced with academic and moral excellence". Tozali was there to capture the colourful event, flip through the pages and enjoy.


By Maimuna Bagudu

Nigeria maintain 52nd position on the latest FIFA ranking

Nigeria's Super Eagles have been ranked 52nd best football nation in the world by the latest ranking released on Thursday, March 15, by FIFA. There is no change in this latest FIFA ranking by the world football Governing body as Nigeria were also ranked 52nd best in the February FIFA ranking edition. The Super Eagles are still maintaining their 7th position in Africa as they fell behind Cameroon, Egypt, Morocco, Congo DR, Senegal and Tunisia. Tunisia are ranked first in Africa in the latest FIFA ranking and they stay 23rd in the world, while Senegal are second in Africa and occupy 27th position in the world. Nigeria will face Poland and Serbia this month, and wins for the Super Eagles in these two games could change their ranking in the next edition of the FIFA ranking. The Super Eagles will first face Serbia on March 23rd, and four days later, the three-time African champions will face Poland. Meanwhile, Germany are still maintaining first position while Brazil are placed second while Portugal occupies the third position.
Messi wants an El Classico Champions League quarter final pairing
Lionel Messi has wished Barcelona will be drawn to face Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter finals; Don Balon reports. The Catalans cruised into the next round last night after battering Chelsea 3-0 at the Nou Camp courtesy of a brace from Messi and a goal from Ousmane Dembele. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner could not hide his emotions when he achieved his latest milestone. “I’m happy to have reached 100 goals in such a beautiful competition,” he added. “But the important thing was to move forward in a difficult match against a team with lots of really good players. “I’m happy with how it all happened. "This was a tough match and we were strong as a team. “When we scored the third, the tie was practically ours." Spanish media outlet, Don Balon, reported Messi is already eyeing a last eight match with Los Blancos when the draw are made on Friday,
March, 16. The contest will be all about Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the Argentine scored his 100th Champions League goal against Chelsea but still falls behind the Portuguese who has 117.
It was also reported in Spain Ronaldo wanted a fixture with their rivals in Real Madrid's players Whatsapp group recently. Barca are 15 points ahead of Real in La Liga and have beaten the defending Champions 3-0 at the Bernabeu in the domestic scene this season. The title race for Zidane's side is technically over but will also clash in La Liga match at the Nou Camp which might hand Eneresto Valverde's side the title.

By Mercy Kukah

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Tozali most stylish and gorgeous bride of the moment

Tozali, the eyeliner magazine bring to you the most gorgeous and stylish bride of the moment; who is none other than Fatima Ganduje, the beautiful daughter of his Excellency Alh. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje the Executive Governor of Kano state.
Fatima, is no doubt our bride of the moment as it appears that every aspect of her wedding event gave people something to talk about. Her numerous and stunning dresses stood her out among the crowd as she stepped out all smiles and radiant in her gorgeous   attires.
From her make-up to shoes, outfits, jewelries and henna design; everything was on point. From her pre-wedding photos to the wedding celebrations in Kano and Ibadan; and then unto the wedding reception; she simply redefined the word ‘goddess’.
 I hereby present to you our most beautiful, stylish and fashionable bride of the moment, Fatima Umar Ganduje.

Photo Credit: George okoro and Bellanaija
By Mercy Kukah